Combat-Ice Enviro 10%


Combat-Ice Enviro can be applied to a low of 15°F and will continue to melt to 5°F.

Pre-treating with Combat-Ice Enviro 10%  is more effective than using regular rock salt and is more cost-effective. The product can be applied days in advance and will stay in place with no loss from bounce or traffic, and it will activate when the storm arrives to keep snow and ice from bonding to the pavement. Pre-treating with Combat-Ice Enviro 10% allows the pavement to remain free of snow and ice down to 5°F, which is much more powerful than plain salt brine and immensely more efficient than regular rock salt.

To minimize slips and falls and maintain wet pavement prior to a heavy storm, pre-treating is a must. Once the ice is down, the situation is more dangerous and more costly to eliminate.


 Combat-Ice Enviro 10% is a disruptive anti-ice and de-icing mixture that dismantles the most damaging characteristics of any storm event – hard ice and painfully slow road recovery time.

The unique composition of Combat-Ice Enviro 10%  disrupts the bonding of hard ice to the road, resulting in a pavement that is slushy rather than hard packed. This increases the friction and allows for a tighter connection between the road and tires.

Combat-Ice Enviro 10% injects more ice-melting power into your snow and ice operations.  This means Combat-Ice Enviro 10% treated roads reject snow and ice and recover far more rapidly than non-treated roads.

Treated Area and non treated area Xtreme Ice Control.jpg

Why Combat-Ice Enviro 10%

  • Disrupts hard ice bond from forming in the first place

  • Increases friction of roads for a tighter tire grip

  • Injects more ice-melting power into your snow and ice operations to break up ice and snow faster


Treatment during dusint Xtreme Ice Control.jpg