HOURS: Open 24 hours a day during storm!

7am -5pm

PRODUCTS: Bulk Rock Salt, Xtreme Rapid Thaw Treated Rock Salt, Brine, Xtreme Amped Hot Brine, Xtreme Apex Liquid, Natures Best Bagged Ice Melt

Rock Salt

Delivery, Installation, Pickup

Pickup, Delivery

Trained on latest products extensively yearly.

Stick to traditional outdated materials of the past.

We accept all credit cards, cash or check. Invoices will be conveniently texted or emailed to you. Or open an account with us. We have a very fast system to get you in and out so you do not lose any time.

Check, credit card,cash.

We can load by 1 yard, 2 yards or 4 yards at a time.

Traditional bobcat half yard buckets which takes a while to load up.

 Within hours of call most of the time. We should be able to pinpoint an exact time via our dispatcher.

Who knows.