Operational Savings

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Cost Savings of Xtreme Rapid Thaw Treated Rock Salt Example
Formerly Magic Salt
Rock Salt only works down to 18° F.

Average cost of Rock Salt (per ton) = $75*
It takes 3 tons
of Rock Salt to do
what 1 ton of
Xtreme Rapid Thaw will do!
= $75 x 3
= $225 for Rock Salt
= $110 for XRT
= $115 net savings when you use
Xtreme Rapid Thaw over Rock Salt.

* The prices above are used for demonstrative purposes only. Cost of Rock Salt and Xtreme Rapid Thaw may vary.

More Cost Savings of Xtreme Rapid Thaw

  • Reduced De-icer Product Requirement: A substantial reduction in the volume of material required for de-icing applications. Twice as much ordinary rock salt is required to produce the same effect. Three times (or more) sand/salt (80/20) mix is required to equal Xtreme Rapid Thaw. Xtreme Rapid Thaw is twice as effective as rock salt. Cost savings is approximately 30-50% when used correctly.

  • Improve Manpower Efficiency: Manpower efficiency is automatic when the de-icer works well. Laborers work less because they are moving less product and the de-icer is also burning off snow at a faster rate than common de-icers. Expect to increase efficiency by 10-25%. Your salt covers twice the area with Xtreme Rapid Thaw, which means fewer return trips, less travel time and less fuel usage. Flat rate contractors will make fewer visits. Up to 2" of snow burns off.

  • Reduced Downtime for Refilling: Crews stay out longer, finish faster and stay ahead of the curve better. Site cleanup is vastly improved. Expect to reduce downtime by as much as 35-50%.

  • Reduced Wear and Tear on Equipment: With a corrosion value less than distilled water, equipment that normally breaks down and requires constant upkeep is easier to maintain.

  • Reduced Legal Liability from Slips and Falls: Complemented by good professional practices like spot salting and good monitoring, expect your insurance liability to decrease significantly.

  • Reduced Damage to Hardscaping: When used as directed, Xtreme Rapid Thaw is safe to use on concrete, pavers and other hardscape. Damage is reduced by as much as 75-90%.

  • Reduce Damage to Landscaping: Xtreme de-icers are environmentally friendly. When used correctly, damage to vegetation is reduced from 70-100%.

  • No Sand Clean Up: By eliminating the use of sand, you will have reduced spring cleanup, no clogged drains to fix and no roadways to sweep, and your customers will appreciate the absence of sand tracked into buildings and cars.