Xtreme Ice Control is one of the only companies in North Jersey that provides full-service support and backup for snow and ice contractors, facility managers and hospitals. We are open 24 hours a day during winter storms, servicing New Jersey and New York.

Xtreme Ice Control's owner has been in the snow and ice management field for 30 years. Here at Xtreme Ice Control we have a  certified snow professional on staff.  Xtreme Ice Control was born because we saw an urgent need for products that can keep the ground dry, equipment to apply the salt or brine and remove the snow, and around-the-clock backup and support. Xtreme Ice Control has the products, equipment, and knowledge to keep you facility dry, safe and accessible during the storm season.

Because of the unpredictable harsh weather conditions experienced New Jersey and New York, we saw a need to save time and money by providing powerful and efficient solutions that are much less harmful to the environment.  Apex Melt Down require less rock salt, and once the ice melts, there is no re-freezing as long as the Apex products are on the roadway.

Apex is a highly effective ice melting product. It is highly effective down to -30°. Snow will “burn off” with no plowing. Apex works faster and lasts longer, saving you up to 30%-50% in salt use. Apex is less corrosive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly!