Bulk Salt Treatment

Stockpile Spray

We offer on-site, stockpile treatment of your salt with the best ice melting liquid on the market. We can spray your salt stockpile with the magic melting power of our Xtreme Amped Hot Brine (SOS).

bulk salt treatment
  • Salt Stockpile Spraying: $4/gallon

  • Each yard of salt only requires 8 gallons of liquid

  • Any quantity can be sprayed

  • Best pricing requires 25 yards or more per visit

Pre-Treating Stockpiles (rock salt or salt/sand or all sand)

Application Rates: Between 8 gallons/ton for all rock salt and up to 10 gallons/ton for all sand stockpiles. Rates vary for mixed stockpiles depending on the sand/salt ratio.

General Procedures: We bring our tank and spray unit to your stockpile. You provide a loader and operator to turn the stockpile as the liquid is being applied. This is required to ensure uniform treatment of the entire stockpile.

Application Time: Estimated 30 minutes for a 25 ton pile (typical tri-axle truckload) from start to finish.