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Saving Overtime by Applying Liquids in Advance

Not many business owners are aware of the preemptive measures that can be taken before impending winter weather hits their properties. Typically accustomed to how mediocre snow removal companies go about it, business owners assume the only way to handle snow and ice is to throw pounds of salt on top of it after it has hit the ground. Here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we’re committed to doing something before the need to rack up a costly bill that entails expensive salt and crew maintenance.

Liquid Application

A few days out in a front of a snow event, we apply anti-icing liquids on the property grounds, parking lots, and sidewalks, saving themselves and clients money on salt usage. By doing this, the property is effectively prepared for the first few inches of snow, with the laid liquid itself taking care of the first .5 to 1 inch of snowfall. This, in turn, keeps crews well rested, roads safe, and reduced overtime that results in a lower monthly expense in business operations which in turn reduces the bill for the client.

At the end of the storm, by taking this preemptive measure, the post granular application will require less material, which, again, saves the client a tremendous amount of maintenance fees.

Reduced Operator Costs

If your property is effectively prepared for impending winter weather, that means less property maintenance and clearing will be required throughout the duration of the snowfall. Additionally, if less maintenance is needed, that means less wear and tear on our Xtreme Snow Pros equipment since fewer trips and repeated applications are required.

Another factor in reduced overtime costs, anti-icing saves money and minimizes potential losses to the environment.

Salt Savings

Salt by itself, as well as salt application, is not cheap today. We may see plows spraying it all over highways during storms, but that doesn’t mean it’s a readily available and inexpensive commodity. Here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we see salt savings in the 20 to 30% range as a result of pre-treating alone. By coupling it with our liquid anti-ice treatments, we see even higher savings with all of our clients. In turn, that means labor savings, equipment savings, and more assured property protection for steering clear of personal injury lawsuits.

The bottom line is: we’re passionate about smart, quality winter weather treatment so it saves both our team and our clients time and frustration in the process.