Bringing Ice Management to the Next Level with Anti-icing and De-icing Solutions

If you live anywhere in the New York or New Jersey region, you know that snow and ice can be a real threat anywhere in the October to April seasonal range. That’s a lot of time to be worrying about unforeseen weather conditions that can take your business parking lot from a helpful spot to a harmful one – especially if a customer falls and files any kind of personal injury lawsuit. Too many businesses today consider ice and snow management a secondary priority when worrying about the maintenance of their commercial property. We’re here to show you that with our services and products, it can be the easiest management concern you’ll have to deal with all winter.

At Xtreme Ice Control, we harness the power of science to bring both snow and ice management to the next level with both anti-icing and de-icing solutions. Our product line is designed to help an entity face the storm head-on and keep surrounding roadways, walkways, and pathways both safe and accessible. That means reliable and affordable services, as well as durable products that can withstand any kind of Noreaster.

We supply the products, and we can also apply the materials in unmarked trucks so business owners can receive the benefits of our ice control solutions without the cost of additional vehicles and sprayers. Ice management doesn’t have to be a big, grandiose, and expensive undertaking for your business property.

As a passionate New Jersey company ourselves, we work hard to service all of New Jersey and lower New York State to contractors, municipal, and government clientele. We want to ensure our products are the best on the market, so we manufacture our own salt brine, which means incredible savings for our clients. We are open to delivering loads as small as 400 gallons all the way up to massive loads of 5,500 gallons, providing prices as low as 50 cents per gallon.

By using our liquids/salt brine, customers will be able to get out way in front of the storm. It will reduce the overall usage of granular material, which means more money retained at the business bottom line. Additional advantages include access to services days in advance of the impending storm so you property is equipped and prepared for the winter weather. That way, you and your staff never have to brave an iced over blacktop at ungodly morning hours. By staying prepared, you will keep the ice bond away and your pavement safe for both you and your clientele.

As you can see from the picture above, there’s a big difference when durable salt brine and proper application is applied to a business parking lot. We don’t want you, your staff, or your clients falling down and injuring themselves this winter. Check out our salt brine products, delivery rates, size loads, and application services today to make a commitment to the safety of your business location and accompanying walkways.