Xtreme Ice Control Launches New Retailer Partnership Program

If you’re an ice products retailer located anywhere in the Northeast corridor and you’re interested in selling brine to your clients, we have a solution for you. For many distributors, purchasing a liquid tank and stocking it with brine can be a time-consuming, expensive process that ultimately doesn't make sense for individual retailers. However, with our new partnership program, we’re bringing the tanks and the brine directly to you. As a retailer, you only need to pay for what you use. It’s as simple as that!

We recognize that overhead ordering and management costs add up easily for many retailers in business today. As a company with multiple sister entities and a massive infrastructure that has garnered us multiple awards, accreditations, and recognition over the past few years, we’re happy to lend you a helping hand using our already established structure.

By taking part in our new partnership program, you will only need to worry about:

1. Paying for the used brine

2. Investing in a pump/meter

3. Informing us when you are out of brine

And that’s the last of it. We will visit your store, onsite, and bring you the tank and fill it to the top with brine. You will then need to invest in a pump or meter to fill your individual clients tanks when they visit your store. When you are all out of brine, let us know, and we’ll come fill you right back up to the top. If you ever have a problem with the brine levels or the tank we provided, we will provide immediate support regarding your inquiry and make sure your operation is back up and running in no-time. We’re happy to provide all the necessary startup for ensuring your operation is able to meet client’s brine demands.

Best of all: we will only bill you for what you use. So if you buy a full tank of brine, and are afraid it’ll take you a year to sell, we will bill you as it’s sold. There are absolutely no upfront starting costs that will make shouldering the service difficult for your finances.

Here at Xtreme Ice Control, we’re happy to service clients in the areas off New Jersey, and New York with advanced ice control solutions. As a company that delivers salt brine, Combat-Ice Enviro 10 and 20% Calcium Chloride in bulk, we work hard to ensure our products are being provided to as many customers as possible. Aware that ice and other wintery conditions present serious health hazards for individuals and worries for commercial property owners, we want as many people as possible investing in materials to pretreat icy conditions. We believe it’s all about collaboration, which is why we’ve proudly launched our partnership program for making salt brine accessible and affordable in every corner of the Northeast corridor.