Be Proactive, Not Reactive This Coming Winter Season

We as a society have come to assume that slipping and falling during winter weather is something unavoidable each year. Business owners bite their fingernails, praying no clients take an unfortunate fall heading into their commercial property. It’s an annual occurrence that leaves most Northeasterners wishing they lived in a warmer climate.

 Though there’s nothing we can do about the brutal Northeastern winters, here at Xtreme Ice Control, we can help you solve the slips and the falls before they happen. We don’t want you to be a sitting duck year-round, waiting for the one legal-happy client to claim personal injury on your property. We want you to be a proactive property owner, not a reactive one praying every day for a lawsuit to avoid you.

With Xtreme Ice Control, we pride ourselves on our ability to get out ahead and storm by using a variety of products that are more effective and less damaging than dumping salt on the ground. Whereas salt is only effective in melting away already laden ice and snow, we have expertly developed de-icing liquids that we apply to each client property before the impending weather hits. By acting proactively, we have your property completely protected and equipped to handle weather that will most likely fall at difficult morning hours. Plus, by using our anti-freeze liquid, we are providing you with a more environmentally sound approach to keep your property ice-free and ready for clients.

You may be asking yourself: how do you know when it’s time to lay the liquid?

That’s a good question! Here at Xtreme Ice Control, we’re also passionate about technological tools and infrastructure. We believe through the expert harnessing of technology, we can completely monitor your commercial location before the first flake has fallen.

Using our onsite, real-time equipment, GPS-monitoring system, and weather monitoring infrastructure, we are able to assess the status of your property 24-7. With regards to ice, when we receive word from our meteorologists about the possibility of an ice storm, we immediately head to your property to pretreat it before it’s too late. If ice or other type of bad weather befalls the property surprisingly with no warning, our crew at our station is able to view your property camera and report on the situation. By having this kind of real-time access, we are able to get to you and treat the ice before you even realize it’s falling.

Best of all, we can apply the materials in unmarked trucks so you can receive the benefits of our ice control solutions without the cost of additional vehicles and sprayers. Today, we service all of New Jersey and lower New York with our icy pretreatments. We believe in smarter property management, not costly, wasteful services that take a toll on the environment by the end.

Consider a proactive approach to ice management this upcoming winter with Xtreme Ice Control.