Liquid Ice Control Application: Solving the Liquids Problems for any Contractor, Municipality or Business.

Every year, business owners, contractors, and municipalities prepare to their best ability for impending winter weather, blizzards, and icy conditions. Winter weather is nothing to take lightly, and oftentimes, these same people end up over applying salt to roads, sidewalks, and parking lots, thereby damaging the local environment, vehicles on the road, and harming animals.

Here at Xtreme Ice Control, we’re determined to show everyone that salt isn’t the only end-all be-all solution to heavy amounts of snowfall. By looking past the only conventional “cure” to ice that most people assume is the best way to go about winter weather, we’re able to save all of our clients countless time and money in the maintenance and management process.

Liquid Ice Control Products

Be honest: did you know there are other solutions to snowfall maintenance besides salt? It’s ok if you didn’t. We provide a variety of liquid ice maintenance compounds here that can be preemptively laid on properties days before snowfall. By having this kind of flexibility, property owners are able to take their time preparing for impending weather without frantically throwing hundreds of pounds of salt all over the ground.

This same liquid is also able to effectively burn away the first .5 to 1 inches of snow that falls when the storm does start, saving owners maintenance fees when they inevitably have to call in the big guys to clear out the snow. Plus, this kind of assurance makes personal injury lawsuits more unlikely down the line.

Upfront Service

We’re able to come to your property, lay down the liquids in an effective manner, and be on our way with your property completely prepared for the storm ahead. We’ve invested in the equipment and know-how so you don’t have to! This upfront service will now enable you to relax and focus on your business, which is what really counts at the end of the day.

By using this service, you’ll be skipping out in 20 to 30% of salt laying costs, sometimes even higher depending the amount of liquid laid.

Sparing the Environment

Above all, laying our ice control liquid is considerably better for the surrounding environment. Salt burns through grasses, top soils, and burns away at animal’s feet nearby. Instead of being overzealous with the salt usage this winter, consider a more practical, affordable, and sustainable alternative instead.

Consider our Xtreme Ice Control anti-ice liquids today!