Xtreme Ice Control Launches New Retailer Partnership Program

If you’re an ice products retailer located anywhere in the Northeast corridor and you’re interested in selling brine to your clients, we have a solution for you. For many distributors, purchasing a liquid tank and stocking it with brine can be a time-consuming, expensive process that ultimately doesn't make sense for individual retailers. However, with our new partnership program, we’re bringing the tanks and the brine directly to you. As a retailer, you only need to pay for what you use. It’s as simple as that!

We recognize that overhead ordering and management costs add up easily for many retailers in business today. As a company with multiple sister entities and a massive infrastructure that has garnered us multiple awards, accreditations, and recognition over the past few years, we’re happy to lend you a helping hand using our already established structure.

By taking part in our new partnership program, you will only need to worry about:

1. Paying for the used brine

2. Investing in a pump/meter

3. Informing us when you are out of brine

And that’s the last of it. We will visit your store, onsite, and bring you the tank and fill it to the top with brine. You will then need to invest in a pump or meter to fill your individual clients tanks when they visit your store. When you are all out of brine, let us know, and we’ll come fill you right back up to the top. If you ever have a problem with the brine levels or the tank we provided, we will provide immediate support regarding your inquiry and make sure your operation is back up and running in no-time. We’re happy to provide all the necessary startup for ensuring your operation is able to meet client’s brine demands.

Best of all: we will only bill you for what you use. So if you buy a full tank of brine, and are afraid it’ll take you a year to sell, we will bill you as it’s sold. There are absolutely no upfront starting costs that will make shouldering the service difficult for your finances.

Here at Xtreme Ice Control, we’re happy to service clients in the areas off New Jersey, and New York with advanced ice control solutions. As a company that delivers salt brine, Combat-Ice Enviro 10 and 20% Calcium Chloride in bulk, we work hard to ensure our products are being provided to as many customers as possible. Aware that ice and other wintery conditions present serious health hazards for individuals and worries for commercial property owners, we want as many people as possible investing in materials to pretreat icy conditions. We believe it’s all about collaboration, which is why we’ve proudly launched our partnership program for making salt brine accessible and affordable in every corner of the Northeast corridor.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive This Coming Winter Season

We as a society have come to assume that slipping and falling during winter weather is something unavoidable each year. Business owners bite their fingernails, praying no clients take an unfortunate fall heading into their commercial property. It’s an annual occurrence that leaves most Northeasterners wishing they lived in a warmer climate.

 Though there’s nothing we can do about the brutal Northeastern winters, here at Xtreme Ice Control, we can help you solve the slips and the falls before they happen. We don’t want you to be a sitting duck year-round, waiting for the one legal-happy client to claim personal injury on your property. We want you to be a proactive property owner, not a reactive one praying every day for a lawsuit to avoid you.

With Xtreme Ice Control, we pride ourselves on our ability to get out ahead and storm by using a variety of products that are more effective and less damaging than dumping salt on the ground. Whereas salt is only effective in melting away already laden ice and snow, we have expertly developed de-icing liquids that we apply to each client property before the impending weather hits. By acting proactively, we have your property completely protected and equipped to handle weather that will most likely fall at difficult morning hours. Plus, by using our anti-freeze liquid, we are providing you with a more environmentally sound approach to keep your property ice-free and ready for clients.

You may be asking yourself: how do you know when it’s time to lay the liquid?

That’s a good question! Here at Xtreme Ice Control, we’re also passionate about technological tools and infrastructure. We believe through the expert harnessing of technology, we can completely monitor your commercial location before the first flake has fallen.

Using our onsite, real-time equipment, GPS-monitoring system, and weather monitoring infrastructure, we are able to assess the status of your property 24-7. With regards to ice, when we receive word from our meteorologists about the possibility of an ice storm, we immediately head to your property to pretreat it before it’s too late. If ice or other type of bad weather befalls the property surprisingly with no warning, our crew at our station is able to view your property camera and report on the situation. By having this kind of real-time access, we are able to get to you and treat the ice before you even realize it’s falling.

Best of all, we can apply the materials in unmarked trucks so you can receive the benefits of our ice control solutions without the cost of additional vehicles and sprayers. Today, we service all of New Jersey and lower New York with our icy pretreatments. We believe in smarter property management, not costly, wasteful services that take a toll on the environment by the end.

Consider a proactive approach to ice management this upcoming winter with Xtreme Ice Control.

Get out in Front of the Storm

Preemptive anti-icing recommendations for winter weather

Business owners often assume that preparing a property for impending winter weather is going to be a costly, time-consuming, and stressful process. Typically, management fees, salt pricing, and other related overhead costs cause business owners to panic when they know icy or snowy conditions are on the way.

But, it doesn’t have to be a manic management process to keep commercial properties cleared and prepared for winter weather. It’s possible to get out in front of the storm by way of anti-icing liquids. Anti-icing liquid products require about one fourth of the material and one tenth of the overall cost of de-icing after the winter weather has been laid.

It’s comparable to greasing a pan before cooking an egg. If you take the time to grease the pan, there will be virtually no mess to clean up when it’s all said and done. But, if you fail to lay any grease, the aftermath clean up is going to be a frustrating activity.

By laying anti-icing liquid, your property will be effectively ready to receive and melt winter weather. Plus, anti-icing liquid prevents the formation of frost, and can be effective up to several days in advance of the impending weather. With your property lined in the anti-icing liquid, the clean up process after the blizzard has passed is going to be ten times easier and more efficient.

Easier property management and clean up means less overhead and management costs sent to you at the end of each winter month. Additionally, if your property is always taking preemptive measures before winter weather, you’ll never have to worry about personal injury lawsuits if a bout of ice, sleet, or frost lands on your parking lot before the actual blizzard arrives.

Get out in front of the storm with our anti-icing liquid treatment this winter.

Liquid Ice Control Application: Solving the Liquids Problems for any Contractor, Municipality or Business.

Every year, business owners, contractors, and municipalities prepare to their best ability for impending winter weather, blizzards, and icy conditions. Winter weather is nothing to take lightly, and oftentimes, these same people end up over applying salt to roads, sidewalks, and parking lots, thereby damaging the local environment, vehicles on the road, and harming animals.

Here at Xtreme Ice Control, we’re determined to show everyone that salt isn’t the only end-all be-all solution to heavy amounts of snowfall. By looking past the only conventional “cure” to ice that most people assume is the best way to go about winter weather, we’re able to save all of our clients countless time and money in the maintenance and management process.

Liquid Ice Control Products

Be honest: did you know there are other solutions to snowfall maintenance besides salt? It’s ok if you didn’t. We provide a variety of liquid ice maintenance compounds here that can be preemptively laid on properties days before snowfall. By having this kind of flexibility, property owners are able to take their time preparing for impending weather without frantically throwing hundreds of pounds of salt all over the ground.

This same liquid is also able to effectively burn away the first .5 to 1 inches of snow that falls when the storm does start, saving owners maintenance fees when they inevitably have to call in the big guys to clear out the snow. Plus, this kind of assurance makes personal injury lawsuits more unlikely down the line.

Upfront Service

We’re able to come to your property, lay down the liquids in an effective manner, and be on our way with your property completely prepared for the storm ahead. We’ve invested in the equipment and know-how so you don’t have to! This upfront service will now enable you to relax and focus on your business, which is what really counts at the end of the day.

By using this service, you’ll be skipping out in 20 to 30% of salt laying costs, sometimes even higher depending the amount of liquid laid.

Sparing the Environment

Above all, laying our ice control liquid is considerably better for the surrounding environment. Salt burns through grasses, top soils, and burns away at animal’s feet nearby. Instead of being overzealous with the salt usage this winter, consider a more practical, affordable, and sustainable alternative instead.

Consider our Xtreme Ice Control anti-ice liquids today!

Saving Overtime by Applying Liquids in Advance

Not many business owners are aware of the preemptive measures that can be taken before impending winter weather hits their properties. Typically accustomed to how mediocre snow removal companies go about it, business owners assume the only way to handle snow and ice is to throw pounds of salt on top of it after it has hit the ground. Here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we’re committed to doing something before the need to rack up a costly bill that entails expensive salt and crew maintenance.

Liquid Application

A few days out in a front of a snow event, we apply anti-icing liquids on the property grounds, parking lots, and sidewalks, saving themselves and clients money on salt usage. By doing this, the property is effectively prepared for the first few inches of snow, with the laid liquid itself taking care of the first .5 to 1 inch of snowfall. This, in turn, keeps crews well rested, roads safe, and reduced overtime that results in a lower monthly expense in business operations which in turn reduces the bill for the client.

At the end of the storm, by taking this preemptive measure, the post granular application will require less material, which, again, saves the client a tremendous amount of maintenance fees.

Reduced Operator Costs

If your property is effectively prepared for impending winter weather, that means less property maintenance and clearing will be required throughout the duration of the snowfall. Additionally, if less maintenance is needed, that means less wear and tear on our Xtreme Snow Pros equipment since fewer trips and repeated applications are required.

Another factor in reduced overtime costs, anti-icing saves money and minimizes potential losses to the environment.

Salt Savings

Salt by itself, as well as salt application, is not cheap today. We may see plows spraying it all over highways during storms, but that doesn’t mean it’s a readily available and inexpensive commodity. Here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we see salt savings in the 20 to 30% range as a result of pre-treating alone. By coupling it with our liquid anti-ice treatments, we see even higher savings with all of our clients. In turn, that means labor savings, equipment savings, and more assured property protection for steering clear of personal injury lawsuits.

The bottom line is: we’re passionate about smart, quality winter weather treatment so it saves both our team and our clients time and frustration in the process.