Benefits Overview

Calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and AMC combine to make Xtreme Rapid Thaw fast and effective in any type of winter weather, even when the temperature drops to -20°F.

Xtreme Rapid Thaw contains green-colored melting crystals to better indicate the spread pattern during application. The dye is harmless and soluble in water, therefore it will not stain the concrete or your hands.

Xtreme Rapid Thaw is coated with AMC, the catalyst that ignites melting power, which significantly enhances the speed of the product. Because Xtreme Rapid Thaw works so quickly, the odds of product tracking in from foot traffic are greatly reduced.

Xtreme Rapid Thaw is tough on winter snow and ice, but will not harm vegetation or wildlife when used as directed.

Xtreme Rapid Thaw does not contain any ingredients that will chemically alter or damage air-entrained quality concrete or treated wood when used as directed. The extended melting period allows more water to evaporate which helps prevent damage from freeze and thaw cycles.

Xtreme Rapid Thaw has an unlimited shelf life and needs no special storage or handling.

More Features & Benefits of Xtreme Rapid Thaw Treated Rock Salt

  • Saves Money, Time and Labor: Rock salt applications are reduced by 30-50%, and the need for sand on pavement is virtually eliminated.

  • Working Temperature of -35°F: Regular rock salt is ineffective below 18°F. This is a net 53 degree gain in working temperature, similar to calcium chloride, without the adverse effects.

  • Non-Corrosive: Unlike plain rock salt or calcium chloride, independent tests show Xtreme Rapid Thaw neutralizes the corrosive nature of rock salt. It will reduce damage to steel doors, thresholds, equipment, carpets, flooring or concrete. In fact, it prevents rust!

  • Environmentally Friendly: Xtreme Rapid Thaw is completely biodegradable and it releases far less chlorides into the environment than plain rock salt or calcium chloride. Additionally, the product is safe around vegetation, people, pets and equipment.

  • Economically Superior: Because it works faster and lasts longer, less Xtreme Rapid Thaw is required to displace an equal amount of ice or snow than with any other ice-melter... at any price. Because of its residual effect, snow and ice will not bond to the pavement. Black ice is virtually eliminated.

Limited Effectiveness of Ordinary Rock Salt

Temp (EF) Lb. Of Salt Needed
To Melt 12,750 lb. water
% Of Ice Melted
In 1 Hour
One Ton Of Rock Salt
Treats (acres)
30° 254 67% 7.87
25° 889 53% 2.25
15° 1,575 38% 1.25
2,287 20% .90

Note: The chart above is for road salt. The numbers will be different for other de-icing chemicals, but the process will be the same. With all deicers the performance will diminish as temperatures fall. The Salt Institute has stated that applying brine to the pavement before snow or ice has bonded can be 10 times more effective than placing salt crystals on top of snow and ice after the precipitation has bonded to the pavement. Pretreating is said to be labor efficient since the process can be done during normal shifts, reducing overtime required to catch up after a winter storm event starts. It gains the snow fighters time and greatly reduces the total cost of treatment. Once a snow/ice bond has formed it is dangerous to the traveling public as well as expensive and time consuming to break.